Instinct Entertainment was founded in 2010. We serve as a production company that uses music, media, and film, to move culture forward and tell stories from the point of view of young black creatives. Our goal is to turn thoughts into action with Instinct - the God-given power we all poses! We're here to entertain, educate, and empower you to find your purpose.


Kahlil Daniel is an independent artist, who’s gifts cross many genre’s. He is a producer, singer-songwriter, actor, and director. He’s been performing since the age of three, and playing the piano since the age of five. He holds a B.F.A. in Acting from Howard University. In 2010 he founded Instinct Entertainment, and began releasing music in 2013. With a redefined sound, and signature R&B tone, he has plans to take you 'Higher' in 2018! Follow him on Twitter, Instagram, & Souncloud.


Sean is a visionary marketing professional, with a deep passion for music. His journey through life has led him to adopt an unconventional approach incomparable to others. His ability to attract people’s attention and improve brand awareness through effective communication motivates him to push the boundaries and think outside the box.

Ashley is an integral part of the Social Media Content at Instinct. She shares her experience working at music festivals to bring excitement around Instinct's releases. Some of her other contributions include taking company photos and organizing the operations between the company. Ashley is always looking for new music and artists - feel free to send anything her way at info@instinctent.com.